This is a silly place

In lack of a better idea of how to honour the magic number 4711 we publish random quotes.

We really should be doing something more interesting, like presenting random numbers. That wouldn't be silly at all.

The paramedic thinks I'm clever 'cause I play guitar
I think she's clever 'cause she stops people dying

Courtney Barnett, Avant Gardener

I don't know what weapons they will use in World War III, but they will be using clubs in the fourth.

Albert Einstein

If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.

Cardinal Richelieu (1585-1642)

You never know a man until you have eaten a pood of salt with him.

Old Russian proverb (a pood is equivalent to about 16.4 kilograms)

I've had a wonderful time but this wasn't it.

Groucho Marx

The world is run by those who show up.

I think it would be a good idea!

Mahatma Ghandi, in reply to a reporter's question "What do you think of Western Civilization?"

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Benjamin Franklin

What happened to the dreams of a girl president
She's dancing in the video next to 50 Cent
They travel in packs of two or three
With their itsy bitsy doggies and their teeny-weeny tees

P!nk, Stupid Girls